Next Steps for Accepted Students

Next steps checklist for your first semester

Congratulations on your acceptance to Jamestown 社区 College! Below you will find information on what your next steps should be as you approach the start of your first semester. 这些步骤可以, 而且应该, be completed at different times leading up to the first day of classes, but we encourage you to 现在就开始!

You will be receiving regular communications from our Office of 最靠谱的娱乐平台十大平台 and your success navigator between the time you were accepted and when classes begin. It is important for you to check your mail and email regularly for important updates.

If you are an international student, check out JCC's next steps for international students »

The first five steps can be completed shortly after acceptance:

Planning ahead for the cost of college is an important part of ensuring your time at JCC is successful. Filing your FAFSA is the first step to maximizing 金融援助 from all possible sources. You can file your FAFSA and the JCC general scholarship application any time after October 1 prior to the year you plan to start classes. File by January 1 for priority consideration for grants and scholarships with limited funding.

Your success navigator is your go-to person while navigating the process of preparing for college. They’ll help you with everything from logging in to your JCC accounts to understanding course instructional modes, to finding the support services available to you as a JCC Jayhawk.

联系 艾弗里Georgakis to schedule an appointment.

As a JCC student, you’ll have multiple student accounts that serve different purposes. Becoming familiar with these accounts early on will ensure you stay up to date with important information.

  • 登录Banner: Academic and financial records, enrollment verification, and address/phone changes
  • 登录到MyJCC: JCC gmail, Degree Works, course management systems, and student success tools

Confused about your student accounts or usernames and passwords? 参加一个 Get Connected Session, or contact your success navigator.

Each student has their own unique interests and needs, and completing an intake survey allows us to connect you to the right people, 的地方, 和程序. The survey will also assist your academic advisor when it’s time to register for classes.

It is recommended that all students meet with an advisor before registering for classes. Learn about making and preparing for an advisement appointment.

The following steps should be completed after registering for classes:

校园房屋 is available through our Hillside Suites on our 最靠谱的娱乐平台十大平台. Submit your housing application and deposit by August 1 for fall semester or January 1 for spring semester.

上交你的 immunization records and health forms to the 健康中心.

Registering for classes creates a financial obligation with the college. In order to confirm your registration, you are required to complete and submit the financial responsibility agreement 每学期.

If required, complete your certificate of residence every academic year to ensure you receive the NYS tuition rate.

All new students are required to attend a mandatory orientation the week before classes start.

For a customized list of course materials visit our 校园书店.

JCC student ID cards are used to access many amenities, such as the Hillside Suites, 餐计划, and other services on campus.